How to open guitar rig 5 in fl studio

How to open guitar rig 5 in fl studio
How to open guitar rig 5 in fl studio
How to open guitar rig 5 in fl studio

How to open guitar rig 5 in fl studio. Hi you there visitors of! hopefully you are still passionate enough to keep making music. I would like to acknowledge that Guitar Rig 5 is one of the best Guitar Effect simulators in this music making world. Are you sharing this opinion? Well, I hope it is yes. Undeniably, Guitar Rig 5, released by Native Instruments, has lots of ready to use effects presets. Not only are they many, but also they are awesome!. You can use Guitar Rig 5 to play for stage or concert and also for recording purposes. For instance, you want to record your guitar playing using DAW, let say FL studio, then you may need Guitar Rig 5 too in order to put some distortion on your guitar track.

Like other vst plugins, you need to load Guitar Rig 5 in Fl studio before you can actually use it. Normally, once installed, Guitar Rig 5 would automatically be detected by Fl Studio. However, in some cases, I don’t know why, it is not loaded successfully. I have experienced this happening that is when I cannot load Guitar Rig 5 in Fl Studio. I browsed for some answers and tried this and that and came to a working solution. So, if you are experiencing the same trouble being unable to load Guitar Rig 5 in Fl Studio, Here is my way on How to open Guitar Rig 5 in Fl Studio:

How to open guitar rig 5 in fl studio

Read thoroughly and carefully. Happy reading!

1. Make sure you have installed Guitar Rig 5

Guitar Rig 5 the one of the most used guitar simulators. If you don’t have one, Go to the official website of Native Instruments then buy Guitar Rig 5 PRO or you can just download and use Guitar Rig 5 Player that is the free version of the PRO. Once you get the installer, Install it on your computer or laptop. Installing Guitar Rig 5 is super easy. Just follow the simple instruction and then you just need to click, click, and click the YES button.

Note: By this step, usually or normally, you can directly open Fl Studio and then continue to step 4. If Guitar Rig 5 is not loaded automatically, then we need a hacking. So, which one is your condition? Go to step 2 if Guitar Rig 5 is not automatically opened/loaded.

2. Locate the directory where Guitar Rig 5 installed

If you are coming to this step, it means that you need tell FL studio  where to call / load Guitar Rig 5 as it cannot find Guitar Rig 5 automatically. To do this, go to the directory / folder where you installed Guitar Rig 5. In PC/windows computer, it is usually installed in C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Guitar Rig 5 or in another place that might be the possible. You can see it from the naming which is closed to Guitar Rig 5.

3. Find the file guitarrig5.dll or guitarrig.dll and move it to FL studio directory

Just try to find the installation folder and you will find the .dll file. Once you found the .dll file, copy and paste it in the vst directory of FL studio. Usually it is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 10\Plugins\VST.

4. Scan New plugin in FL Studio

After locating the .dll file of Guitar Rig 5, and copy and then paste it to the vst plugin directory of FL studio, you can open FL studio and try to open it. Before you can actually open it, you need to scan the .dll file first so that it is listed by FL studio and read to use. To do it, go to Channels > add one> more. There, you will be shown a window that displays the lists of all vst plugins and instruments detected by FL studio. Guitar Rig 5 may not be there by this time, you need to scan it first. To do it, look at the bottom right of the window, you should fine Refresh. Click it and you will get two options for scanning. Choose the first one that is the fast scan and it is recommended. When the scanning is done, Guitar Rig 5 should appear in the list. Usually it is in the bottom of the list and the font color is red. There, you can see that there are box with F symbol and box without F. The box with F means that it ready to open from the Channel. Hence, you need to put F in the box of Guitar Rig 5 by clicking it. Once you click it, when you open Channels, you will that Guitar Rig 5 is there.

5. Load/open Guitar Rig in Fl Studio

Before you open Guitar Rig 5 in Fl studio, make sure that you have activated the mixer. Why mixer? because Guitar Rig 5 is a vst effect not vst instrument, so that you can only open it in the mixer that is to add effects to the instruments made in the piano roll or pattern maker. Not only that, you are not allowed to open / load Guitar Rig 5 in the Master Channel as it will affects all instruments. You will only load it in certain channel, let say channel 3 or 4 which you have specified only for guitar input. The guitar input can be from MIDI or direct wave. Direct wave means that you use real electric guitar sound that you connect via your audio interface. Activate the desired channel, open Channels, and find Guitar Rig 5, and click it. By this step, Guitar Rig 5 should nicely be opened and you should see the interface. Then, you are ready to rock.

If you are still having difficulties reading my tutorial, you may want to watch the video that I created previously in Indonesian Language. There are many guys who complained about my doing of giving English title for my Indonesian instruction video on How to Load Guitar Rig 5 in Fl Studio. If you have read this English Version tutorial on How to open guitar rig 5 in FL studio, then I believe that you will also understand the instruction in the video. The video is just to help the visualization. Here is the video:

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4 Comments on “How to open guitar rig 5 in fl studio”

  1. hi and how are you
    my Fl studio and guitar rig work perfectly but Fl studio not finding guitar rig.
    I read your article about rig5, and i dropped the dll file in \Plugins\VST.
    but still cant see it in the list?

    1. Hi.. have you scanned the list? there is a button in the bottom for you to scan new plugin. If guitar rig is properly installed, it should be detected. If after scanning and still there is no guitar rig 5 in the list. Then it may be a registry problem. Try to uninstall guitar rig and delete the registry file using registry cleaner. Install it again. and try the steps again. Hopefully it works for you as it works for many others.

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