Finding the Best Vocal Mic Under $350

the best vocal mic condenser for home recording studio at home is shure

Finding the Best Vocal Mic Under $ Well, for those wanting to find the best vocal mic that fits with their budget, there are some great options we can consider. The best part is, there are some brands available which are sold under $350. Some models are being used by famous singers and producers such as Serj Tankian made by SOAD. Other models are also available, allowing you to have one that fits with your budget without compromising on the quality.

The first point is that I want to show you my favorite choice, one that can be used in your home studios even if you don’t have proper room acoustics. No matter how bad your room sound is, it still works great.

the best vocal mic condenser for home recording studio at home is shure
the best vocal mic condenser for home recording studio at home is shure

Best Choices You Can Find Sold Under $350

Best Mic for Vocals Shure SM7B

The first model of The best condenser mic for vocals we can see here is the Legendary Vocal Microphone, Shure SM7B. Here, we have listed some good reasons why you must include this model on your list.

  • Supreme Sound : Can you imagine it? One of the best vocal microphones which comes with the sound of a condenser microphone but it doesn’t have all the drawbacks that a condenser microphone might offer. However, still it offers the best studio microphone for vocals.
  • Robust – The next consideration is that home studio mic Shure SM7B is totally durable. Try to throw it out of the window, you will find it surprising that the mic is still working.
  • Versatile – The next reason is that the mic is very versatile, meaning that the mic does a great job to give an awesome sound for male vocals, harsh vocal, female vocals and also soft vocals.
  • The best choice for Those with the Tight Budget – Let’s face it, if you are on the budget but still want to find the best one, Shure SM7B is one of them.
  • Works Perfectly Even if Your Room Sucks : What happened to your last vocal microphone? Chances are that your previous microphone didn’t work because the quality of your room. Thanks to this model, you can expect that the vocal mic will still work even if your room sucks.
  • It Comes with the Pop Filter that Works Great : If you see the model for the first time, you will notice that there is the black thing that is located above. It is a pop filter which can be replaced or you can also add your own pop filter. Try to customize based on your preferences. You can decide whether to use your own pop filter or still use the default customization. No matter what the choice is, it still works great.
  • The Design is Sexy : There is nothing better than having one that works and comes with a very stylish design. That’s what you can expect from this model. Just take a look at it, you will notice how stylish the design is.

The Microphone chosen by Serj Tankian

the best shure vocal mic chosen by serj tankian of system of a down
the best shure vocal mic chosen by serj tankian of system of a down

Another great choice which have been used by a number of famous bands and singers including the System of a Down Band. Considering some models we have seen here, you may want to pick one that you like the most.

Based on my experience, doing home recording can be done not only at home, it can be in everywhere you want. But, there is one thing that makes you have to do it at home or in the studio, that is vocal recording. You have to use the best condenser microphone for home recording if you want to produce high quality vocals.

I have used some different vocal condenser microphone in my music making project, but Shure is still the best vocal mic (in my opinion).

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