The best Acoustic Guitar Vst Plugin is Real Guitar

The best Acoustic Guitar Vst Plugin is Real Guitar. Those who like to make music digitally must have Real Guitar as the Acoustic Guitar Vst plugin. I have tested and compared this best acoustic guitar vst plugin with the other plugins and I have found that this is the best. I do not want to mention the other plugin that I have compared with because I don’t want to make problems with those who like acoustic guitar vst plugins other than Real Guitar. I can make a short conclusion of its powerful features:

Why The best Acoustic Guitar Vst Plugin is Real Guitar

1. The sound is really acoustic. You have choices of using 6 strings or 12 strings guitar. You can also choose strings or nylon.

2. The cord combination is very easy. All of the chords are in Major, however, you can make minor cords by making combinations from the major note and the minor note to make the minor chords.

3. There is a setting in which you can alter the hold and the release. When you release it the sound will continue or sustain longer, but if you choose not to release than the sound will be shorter as you release the hold.

4. This plugin works well with a very simple DAW like FLstudio.

5. You can design your own stroke notes.

I believe, acoustic guitar plays a very important role in making the music of a song. Acoustic guitar sound gives you a natural feel. If you cannot record your playing of acoustic guitar or if your recording of live playing is not that good, Real Guitar is what you are looking for.


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