Free Saxophone Vst Plugin Karoryfer’s Weresax

Free Saxophone Vst Plugin Karoryfer's Weresax with accordion samples

Free Saxophone Vst Plugin Karoryfer's Weresax with accordion samples

Free Saxophone Vst Plugin Karoryfer’s Weresax with accordion samples

Free Saxophone Vst Plugin Karoryfer’s Weresax – Another great free vst plugin has been just released. Karoryfer Samples has released Weresax, a free open source sample library for Plogue sforzando. This multi instruments vst plugin contains three instruments all based on samples of an alto saxophone – a saxophone, an accordion (“saxcordion”) and a subtractive synthesizer (“sxnth”). This is obviously a saving time vst plugin as you don’t need to load many window of different plugin into your DAW.

Key features Free Saxophone Vst Plugin Karoryfer’s Weresax :

  • Sampled chromatically across the saxophone’s standard range. This gives you a standard sound of saxophone like what you normally hear from the bare instrument.
  • All controls available in GUI and also mapped to MIDI CC. Like the other vst plugin, everything is now on eyes, no need for complex and unnecessary computer coding so that you can focus on creating music.
  • SFZ mappings. The sound distribution you want to spread to the entire sounds.
  • 256 total samples. You have lots of options with them, just use your imagination, taste, and style to maximally use them into your music project.
  • 188 MB download size. Regarding the various samples offered by this free saxophone plugin, the download size is not a big deal.
  • Saxophone instrument with expressive scripted vibrato, two round robins and two velocity layers. All you can with the setting to meet your real performance using the real saxophone. It may need some deep tweaking to get it closer to the real saxophone sound you desire.
  • Saxcordion instrument with three unison voices and dynamics controlled by mod wheel. This sounds unique to me, a combination of some sounds into one saxcordion character, what a nice experiment.
  • Synth instrument with up to five unison voices and resonant filters.

In general, this Weresax, the new free saxophone vst plugin by Karoryfer provides you with three common settings; envelope, vibrato, and humanize. The envelope gives alterations on the Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, and Release. These five knobs will certainly allow you to magically create unlimited slightly different saxophone sound styles. However, not being pessimistic, I don’t quite feel the difference. It may be a good functionality for a professional audio designers and audio engineers who certainly know what to do with these knobs in advanced way.

The Vibrato contains Sax Style, Synth Style, Tremolo, Brightness, Wind Noise, Speed, Delay. Although I cannot feel in detail the difference of the produced saxophone sound when playing around with the envelope, I can see clearly when with the vibrato. The sax style definitely gives decent unique saxophone and accordion sounds. You will see it too within the seven knobs. Try it yourself. The Humanize part is rather complex. Listen to the following sample of saxophone produced using Weresax:

You can download the plugin from or just go to the official site Weresax. Happy Making digital and electronic music with this great free saxophone vst plugin. What you need to do is to install it, and open it using your DAW like fl studio. If you have difficulties in installing and loading vst plugin in fl studio, you can read the tutorial on how to load guitar rig in fl studio which gives you general ways to load vst plugin in fl studio. Have a nice day.

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