Dynamic weather synthesizer AudioWeather Free

Dynamic weather synthesizer AudioWeather Free

Dynamic weather synthesizer AudioWeather Free. AudioWeather Free, until nowadays, is the DAW plugin version for Le Sound’s renowned and widely used dynamic weather system for game audio, especially those who loves producing music for games. The Free VST demonstrates how AudioWind (really like wind sound) and AudioRain (slightly the same) can be linked together with an intelligent and smart weather modelling. The purpose is to allow sound makers and designers fast shape the weather sound synchronous to the video images, giving us opportunity to save tedious hours when doing manual editing of recordings.

Dynamic weather synthesizer AudioWeather Free

Main Features

  • 32/64 bit and AAX/VST/AU compatible
  • Dynamic weather synthesizer for dummies
  • Free version is limited to 5 presets

As music develops, the presence of unique new sound really matters to shape colourful sounds that can enrich the music composition. Weather sounds do fill in the gap and empty line coming to our ears. To me, the weather sound makes it softer than just drums, guitars, bass, and vocals.


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