Best equalizer for windows Free Parametric Eq Vst Plugins

Best equalizer for windows Free Parametric Eq Vst Plugins. When it comes to refining audio, equalizer will come in handy for this job. In the development of Digital Audio Workstation, everything becomes digital including all instruments and the tools in forms of vst plugins.

Apparently, there are a lot of free equalizer vst plugins, especially for windows. In this post, I would like to share some best equalizer for windows, this time is for parametric eq vst plugin. Best of all, it is free. Here you go:

Best equalizer for windows Free Parametric Eq Vst Plugins

Free Vst Equalizer by Audioction

BootEq Mkii by Varietyofsound

BootEQ is one of many free vst plugins for processing audio, developed by Variety of Sounds. Based on the owner, we may not share the deep link because sometimes there is updates that affects the current model of the files. According to the reviews by some users like what I found in KVR audio, this free equalizer vst for windows really stands ahead. It offers simple UI and usage. Novice user will of course use it easily.

Here is how This vst equalizer bootEq looks like (Captured from

ColourEQ developed by DDFMF

According to the developer, it is Not just another EQ: with its custom-made 4th order IIR filter, ColourEQ sounds unlike any other EQ you have ever come across. what makes it powerful as free vst equalizer is that It comes with five bands of ”super parametric” peaking filters, which means that, for many digital audio makers, there is one more parameter in addition to the traditional gain/width/frequency set that can influence the curve shape. You may know that These shapes cannot be reproduced by ordinary IIR equalizers. Further features include: adjustable GUI colours, freely resizable window size, internal 64 bit processing and low CPU usage. This free equalizer vst plugin can be used for many platforms because it is Available in Windows VST (32/64 bit), Windows/Mac RTAS and Mac VST/AU format (Intel, OSX 10.5 and higher).

Download For Windows | Download For Mac

Dust Equalizer developed by Signaldust (for Windows only)

Dust Equalizer is a basic channel equalizer, designed with the concept of less is more.

It comes with a pair of filters, pair of shelves and two mid-frequency bell filters. Using a fitting method to approximate analog-like response, each band keeps it’s shape gracefully all the way to the highest of audible frequencies.

The filters have a standard Butterworth shape for flat passband without significant ringing. The shelves feature a custom, asymmetric design with a sharper knee towards the mid-frequencies and a more gradual shape towards the high or low frequencies.

The bell filters have classic log-symmetric shape, but feature gain-bandwidth interaction such that actual peak gain is higher for narrow bandwidth and becomes less as the bandwidth is increased. This maintains approximately even perceptible boost or cut as the width of the bells is varied.

From 1.7.0: The EQ code is written such that the plugin no longer relies on any oversampling, provides interpolation for parameter changes, and now attempts to match the analog targets both in terms of magnitude and phase.


EasyQ free Equalizer plugin for windows developed by RS-MET

EasyQ is an easy-to-use equalizer with an arbitrary number of filter stages in series connection. Each of the filter stages can operate in one of the following modes: peak/cut (aka bell or parametric EQ), high- or low-shelving, notch and low- or highpass (both with either 6 or 12 dB/oct slope). EasyQ is also easy on the CPU and just does what an EQ is supposed to do without performing any additional voodoo. As such, it is well suited to serve as a go-to EQ for the routine equalizing tasks.

Key Features
  • unlimited number of filter stages (“bands”)
  • each stage can be one of the following characteristics: bell, low-/high-shelf, low-/highpass (6 or 12 dB/oct), notch
  • clean equalization – no additional colorations
  • low CPU usage
  • +-48 dB gain range
  • stereo modes: linked, left/right, mid/side and mono
  • minimum phase response


Electri-Q (posihfopit edition) by AiXcoustic Creations (Windows)

Although this free equalizer vst plugin is discontinued, it has provided high quality results of sounds equalization. It is worth trying. Here is the download link.


Equilibre Vst Equalizer for Windows developed by AudioTeknikk

Equilibre Vst Equalizer for Windows developed by AudioTeknikk

Equilibre Free Vst Equalizer Plugin for Windows by AudioTeknikk. Equilibre uses double precision EQ  and oversampling in the critical parts of the filter structure.





This free VST plugin is an equalizer. The sound of this EQ will very much remind you of many classic analog designs. You get access to four bands of equalization with two shelving filters and two peaking filters, a design which matches that of many sought after high-end console equalizers. Many mix recipes are included as saved settings which can be loaded through your VST host.

Gloria Free Vst Equalizer Plugin for Windows

Gloria Free Vst Equalizer Plugin for Windows

Gloria is a VST equalizer for win32 whose particularity is the shape of the bells. So that you understand me it basically consists of two overlapping bells, one of them with the wide Q and one that is narrowing as the gain increases. Gloria is not any hardware emulation or based on any analog hardware (despite its appearance)

IIEQ Free Vst Equlizer for Windows by DDMF.

IIEQ Free Vst Equlizer for Windows by DDMF.

The IIEQ is a free, fully parametric 10-band equalizer with its own, characteristic sound and low CPU consumption. The 1st and the 10th band are low and high shelf filters, respectively; all other bands are peak filters.

N6 Equalizer Vst  by RAZ audio for Windows

N6 Equalizer Vst by RAZ audio for Windows

This equalizer vst is suitable with Cubase and Nuendo.The N6 offers a natural work flow – just pick an EQ band and move it around to get the desired effect. If you prefer to use knobs, they are there for you with “control+click” for returning to default and “shift+click” for fine tuning. The users interface keeps all the data you need (FFT anyone?) without creating “graphical noise” or clogging the control screen.

Matthew Lindsay NCL Phase EQ Free VST Equalizer for Windows


NCL Phase EQ is a high quality six band stereo equalizer which allows simultaneous left/right and mid/side processing. It is also more than capable functioning in a more traditional EQing role.

Phase EQ has been designed to be both powerful and flexible yet easy to use. Controls and parameters have been set up to steer users in the right direction without being restrictive in function.

To ensure a high quality signal with a low signal to noise ratio 64 bit precision is used internally on the entire audio path. Optional oversampling is available for increased audio fidelity.

NyquistEq Parametric Equalizer EQ for Windows and Mac developed by Magnusd

NyquistEq Parametric Equalizer EQ for Windows and Mac

Parametric graphic equalizer with excellent response all the way up to Nyquist. It never clicks, and it handles deep bass well too. The Nyquist frequency is the highest representable frequency for a given sample rate. The trebliest of the treble. Most other digital eqs have great problems producing a natural sound here.


Paris EQ VST Equalizer for Windows by Matt Creig

The Paris VST EQ is a 4-band parametric stereo VST equaliser plugin utilising the same algorithm as the E-mu/Ensoniq Paris system. It offers the same musicality and quirkiness as the original including soft-limiting, grungy distortion ability, and resonant behaviour under certain conditions.

Download Paris EQ VST

PTEq-1a Powerful Vintage Equalizer Vst Established by Ignite Amps for Mac and Windows

PTEq-1a Powerful Vintage Equalizer Vst Established by Ignite Amps for Mac and Windows

This Equalizer, developed for vintage sound, is a must have for every digital music producer. Ignite Amps, the developer of many free vst plugins, serves us with this very powerful equalizer program. The video below will show you how it is demonstrated and how you will learn to color your sounds with this amazing equalizer vst plugin for windows:

ReaEQ Reaper’s special Equalizer Vst Plugin for windows

Known as its simplicity in editing and looks, Reaper has offered a pretty decent Equalizer vst plugins native in it for its loyal users. These are what you will get for using this lovely Equalizer vst:

  • Unlimited band IIR based equalizer
  • Support for any number of many types of filters (shelfs, bands, LPF, HPF, notch, bandpass, allpass)
  • Frequency response and phase response display
  • Display of approximate note+octave for frequencies
  • Per-band bypass control
  • Full-view of graph optional for precise editing
  • Mouse modifiers/mousewheel usable for editing bandwidth of points in graph

Download Reaper Plugin Bundles
Download: ReaPlugs VST v2.36 32-bit (January 2 2016)
Download: ReaPlugs VST v2.36 64-bit (January 2 2016)

TDR VOS SLICKQE a colorful equalizer for windows and mac

This Equalizer plugin for mac and windows users perform with colorful choices named with countries like american, german, soviet, British. Despite its fancy look, this vst plugin equalizer creates amazing sounds. Here are what it goes with:

Key specs and features

  • Intuitive, yet flexible semi parametric EQ layout
  • Modern user interface with outstanding usability and ergonomics
  • Carefully designed 64bit “delta” multi-rate structure
  • Three EQ bands with additional 18dB/Oct high-pass filter
  • Four distinct EQ models: “American”, “British”, “German” and “Soviet” with optional non-linearity
  • Five output stages: “Linear”, “Silky”, “Mellow”, “Deep” and “Toasted”
  • Advanced saturation algorithms by VoS (“Stateful saturation”)
  • Highly effective and musically pleasing loudness compensated auto gain control
  • Stereo and sum/difference processing options
  • Tool-bar with undo/redo, A/B, advanced preset management and more

Download it from the developer site


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