Complete tutorial on how to make simple music in fl studio

Complete tutorial on how to make simple music in fl studio

So you are a beginner to making electronic music? or just want to make simple music for fun? you are coming to the right place :). By the way, thank you for dropping by to on my tutorial on how to make simple music in fl studio.

I would like to state that making simple music is making electronic music. In this tutorial, I am inviting you to make simple electronic music using a DAW Fl studio within band format that is including basic musical instruments: guitar, bass, drum, and keyboard. On the go, you may want to enrich the music composition on your preference once you master the basic instruction on how to use fl studio. If you don’t have fl studio, you need to have one. Please purchase Fl studio from Image line.

This page sums up all the steps on how to make simple music in fl studio. So, I break down the steps into links to the detail pages of each instrument. Follow these steps:

1. Drum

Drum, in my opinion, is the most basic instrument you have to prepare in making music composition. Drum helps you structure the rhythm of the music and control the flow. In making drum pattern in fl studio, you will need to work with the pattern sequencer. To start with, you can read the tutorial in making simple drum beat in fl studio:

Read: How to make drum beats in fl studio

2. Bass

Right after you make the drum pattern or drum beats, you are ready to go to the next step, making bass line in fl studio. Making bass line in fl studio is pretty handy and easy. You will still need to use the step/pattern sequencer. Because bass requires lots of notes, you will need to switch the pattern sequencer from the step mode into the piano roll mode. In piano roll mode, you have the privileges to creatively modify the notes using piano interface.

I have found a useful video on making simple bass line in fl studio. The tutorial was created by Max Braiman. Check out this video to get the ideas on how to make bass line:

3. Guitar

Next is to put some colours on the rhythm we have made with drum and bass. Generally, you would need guitar track. I assume that you would insert your guitar track by playing your own guitar and record it into fl studio. Although there is another way to make guitar track without using real guitar instrument, that is by using guitar vst instrument, this tutorial will show you how to use real guitar instead. So, I assume that you have electric guitar or acoustic guitar ready to record into fl studio. Let say that you use electric guitar. You would need to plug in your guitar into audio interface that is connected to fl studio via your laptop or desktop pc computer. To know how to record guitar in fl studio, please read:

When adding guitar track to our music, usually we want to add some effects to the guitar sound, not just clean, sometimes distortion, delay, reverb, and many more. If you want to do so, you would need guitar effect vst plugin. There are many free vst guitar effect plugin for fl studio, but I would recommend guitar rig for now. Thus, you may need to read how to install guitar rig in fl studio. If you do not know how to insert guitar rig 5 in fl studio, please read:

4. Keyboard/Piano

Apparently, there are many tutorials on how to make piano beats in fl studio. One of them is from beats4beets. In the tutorial, the author use piano vst plugin called Nexus. However, actually, you can make use the already available piano plugin in fl studio. You just need to understand how to write steps of piano notes in piano roll. If you understand how to play piano, you should not face many difficulties here. By the way, here is the tutorial by beats4beets:

If I have enough time in the future, I would like to make the basic tutorial on how to make piano beats in fl studio. Hopefully the tutorial above can give you enough and decent understanding to start with the piano sound.

5. Mix all the instruments

You have crated all the basic instruments in fl studio to make your simple music. We have made the drum beats, bass line, guitar track, and piano beats. Now, we need to mix them all into one composition so that they merge in a single beautiful lovely nice simple music. 😀

To combine them all, you need to understand how to use Playlist in fl studio. Playlist basically arranges all the instruments in fl studio. Playlist provides tracks to arrange music instruments and effects. To get to know deeper about how to use playlist in fl studio, please watch the video by SeamlessR:

Now that you have mixed them all, it is time for you to export them into MP3 or Wav so that you can play your music using regular music player like winamp and the like.

Actually, this tutorial presents only the simple line of music production. The next step is to do mixing. Mixing is the step where music instruments are arranged in such a way so that they blend one another creating nicely to hear and listen music composition with correct audio panning left and right, as well as effects like reverb and many more.

Once you are done with mixing, you will need to finish them in mastering where the sound quality of your music is adjusted in such a way to create high quality music file playable well in many different music players both digital and analog in cd format.

I do hope that I have enough time to write them all here in the page, but it seems that it may be better this way as you can start step by step without being overwhelmed with so many things to do.

See you in the next post with a lot more thoughts.

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