Audiohow.com is a blog that shares all things related to music or audio production. It ranges the topics such as how to use Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) like Fl Studio, Nuendo, Cubase, Studioone, and the others. Audiohow.com discuss how to do music recording and music production step by step using the DAWs starting from recording and music composing, to mixing process, and mastering.

To enrich the content of the blog, audiohow.com also posts updates and news about vst plugins both free and paid vst plugins, both instrument vst plugins and effects vst plugins, and visitors can download them. Audiohow.com would also write how to use the vst plugins in certain DAW.

Audiohow.com would also review both latest and old musical instruments and gears to produce musics. There would be electric and acoustic guitar review, drum review, bass review, and the other musical instruments. Musical gears such as guitar effects are also discussed. Additionally, how to play musical instruments are discussed as it is supporting music production.

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